For international markets we are offering the following two product ranges

PUL.01/02 T-profile for suspended ceilings

The PUL.01/02 T-profiles are made of fiberglass-reinforced composite material, and are used for suspending false ceilings in buildings where thermal bridge free construction is required. These include

  • cold stores
  • freezers
  • processing plants
  • temperate spaces
  • production halls
  • and other industrial buildings.

The T-profiles can be used for hanging sandwich panels, plasterboards, trapezoidal sheets, and other false ceiling systems, taking into consideration the building statics aspects. The profiles can be attached to the structure in several ways. After determining suspension positions, drilling the vertical stem of the profile, then using a guide clip. Threaded rod, suspension cable, mounting rail, chain or any other suspension systems can be used to suspend the profiles. After installing the false ceiling tiles, these must be fastened to the horizontal part of the profile with bolts.

PUL.01/02 Data sheet

MATERIAL Durostone fiber reinforced composite AGMZ/S
PRODUCTION LENGTH 6000 (-0/+20) mm
DIMENSIONS 110 x 80 x 6 x 4 mm

Behaviour in fire

UL94 V0
British Standard 476 Fire Tests Class 1
DIN 4102 B1
EN 45545 HL2


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